Why should I open my closet to Ladybird?

Because your style is how you communicate.

Presentation is important. The way you present yourself informs others of who you are and what you’re worth. If you are well put-together and polished, others will assume you are a competent and confident individual, and they will trust and respect what you’re about.

Style is a tool

Style can help you get where you want to be. Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.

You’re worth it

Let’s face it, you’re pretty great. You deserve to let other people know. Let your style speak for you.

Style doesn’t always come naturally

Very few of us are born with natural style. It can be complicated knowing what cuts and colors are most flattering — let alone mastering layering, print and accessories! Lots of clients feel unsure of how to put an outfit together so they end up playing it safe, afraid to make mistakes. That’s normal, but you want to be better than normal!

At Ladybird, style is second nature

And we want to share our secrets. When looking at a new client (or anyone on the street, really) we can’t help it—all we see is potential. Our creativity and natural born “eye” allow us to visualize you at your best. Our knowledge of solid styling techniques and strategic thinking bring the vision to life.

Smart choices can save you money

Knowing what works for you allows you to make better choices when you shop. Stop wasting money on things that don’t work and end up hanging in your closet causing guilt every time you peek in. We’ll show you where to spend and where to save and how to make your dollars stretch. The goal is a wardrobe that works hard for you. Knowing the function of each piece and how they work together let’s you use what you have to maximize your investment.

Because it’s fun!

Don’t be afraid. Ladybird clients often report that they were apprehensive at first but soon felt comfortable and at ease with a stylist guiding them. The personal attention and encouragement you’ll receive from your stylist will melt away any fears you may have and make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Because style matters

Discovering your personal style can transform the way you feel about yourself. Look your best to feel your best. That’s why it’s worth it.

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Molly Bingaman

Molly Bingaman is an enthusiastic promoter of Kansas City, the opportunities it holds, and the people who live here. A lover of new creative projects, her unique eye and critical attention to detail have lead to many fabulous experiences outside of Ladybird. She is the Coordinating Producer of The West 18th Street Fashion Show. She was trained by Stacy London of TLC's What Not to Wear, in New York City. Her work has been featured in Design*Sponge and Good Housekeeping Magazine, as well as many other local publications. Her project is to live a creative life, to cultivate meaningful relationships, and to always remember that it really is a wonderful world.

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