A place apart from the noise.

Introducing the Ladybird Style Lab

After seven years of consulting with men and women on their clothing, we’ve learned a thing or two. And what we’ve learned is so exciting and powerful that we knew we needed a space of our own where our ideas could live. The Ladybird Style Lab is dedicated solely to teaching people what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, why. We prove this through an Experiment. Before we can reveal our top secret formula for getting the best match in your clothes, we need to see what’s possible. And we need for you to see it too. This is a true seeing-is-believing experience. The Style Lab is unique, innovative and a totally new experience with clothing. It works and it matters. We’d love to show you how. We'd love to show you what's possible.

The Style Lab is located in the heart of Kansas City's historic Crossroads District at 501 Southwest Boulevard. We're open by appointment, but we'd love to give you a tour, which you can schedule via our Contact Form. In the meantime, here's a primer on the Ladybird Services we offer through the Style Lab.