There's a Disconnect Between Who
I am and What I’m Wearing…

Written By Molly Bingaman
Client Highlight/Quotes by Megan Hiles

Like many women, Megan never felt her style was truly her own.

She'd tried stylists in the past, and though they always presented beautiful clothing—she never felt like what was recommended was really her. She was left feeling uncomfortable and not really able to own what she was wearing. It didn't make sense until she learned to see style in a new way...

“I always felt that my style was not reflective of me.” —Megan

Seeking outside help for Style

“I’ve used other stylists in the past. But I always felt a little bit uncomfortable in the clothes I was wearing.”

It’s tempting to turn to others for help when we feel stuck, but in the case of personal style, it can lead to more confusion than clarity.

Have you ever shopped with an opinionated friend or family member, or experienced a pushy salesperson who insisted you looked fantastic in something when you knew in your body it wasn’t right?

If you bought the item anyway,  I'm willing to bet that piece has been hanging in your closet untouched since you first brought it home.

That's because you can’t outsource personal style. It's too personal.

Everyone Has Style

Everyone has style. It’s simply a question of whether or not it’s being expressed.

When it comes to choosing clothing, most of us don’t have the training we need to confidently represent ourselves visually, leading to a disconnect between who we are and what we’re wearing. So we look outside ourselves for help, asking friends we consider to be more stylish, or emulating influencers online who seem to have it all together.

But despite our best efforts, this truth remains:

Authentic style must be a reflection of our own energy.

So why is this so hard?

Discovering the Disconnect

When we don’t know our style, it can sometimes feel like we don't know ourselves. That's because style and identity are connected.

The connection between style and identity can be found in the way you move.

Let me give you an example...

Megan's Transformation

Megan is a reflective and precise individual.

She moves with focus in her career as a physician, brings order and stability to those around her, and has a solid sense of self in all she does. Her baseline energetic movement resonates with the lowest level of movement on the Ladybird 4-Corner Grid, which is a clean, straight line.

In addition to showing up in her work, relationships, and overall mode of being, her "movement" also shows up in her visual choices.

“I like things that are classic. A lot of color blocking and straight lines. ”

Inherently low-movement, solid colors and straight lines are a perfect reflection of Megan's energy. They emanate a "stillness" which is a key indicator of individuals in the 4th Corner, and really works to bring her presence to the visual plane.

Though she was intuitively drawn to low-movement garments, Megan distrusted these instincts and let others choose for her, which meant she never felt like herself in her clothes.

The way Clothes move

“Movement” in clothing describes two things:

Visual Movement—as in, how do the garment’s elements cause the eye to move around?


Physical Movement—as in, how does the garment’s fabric and construction move on the body?

A high-movement print—like polka dots or zig zags—causes the eye to move much more than a solid color. Behold, Visual Movement.

A structured and tailored item—like a suit—moves far less on the body than a flowing silk. Physical Movement.

Now here's the key: your body intuitively knows what it prefers. So you can trust it and tap in!

The Way You Move

To find your style in the way you move, think of your style not simply in terms of the clothing you wear, but how you do everything.

Ask yourself: how do you move through your day?

Are you methodical and routined? Do you move with efficiency, wanting to get the most out of what you can accomplish each day? Or are you spontaneous, preferring to go where the wind takes you, with lots of social interactions breaking up your day?

Paying attention to these patterns will provide clues to your personal style of movement.

It may take time to see, but once you experience it, you'll find this deeply resonant energy is forming the baseline of your true authentic style.


Anytime you experience a disconnect between who you are and what you're wearing, it comes down to the relationship between your body, your spirit, and the way your clothing moves.

There must be a match to both see and feel resonance.

Tapping in to the heartbeat of her style baseline, Megan was able to cut through the noise of outside forces, weed out everything that was too “high movement,” and begin to cultivate a wardrobe that both works together and works for her.

“Ladybird helped me find a style that is reflective of me.”

See Megan’s Transformation…

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