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Closet busting at the seams but nothing to wear?
Change in body or lifestyle and unsure how to dress for it?
Feel like crying anytime you're in a dressing room?

There are so many reasons to start working with a Ladybird Stylist.

Ladybird's Premiere...


A head-to-toe styling experience unlike any other!

A full day of hands-on help from our caring team of stylists will have you finally feeling at home in your body and in your look.  

Establish a style baseline through our one-of-a-kind Style Experiment, address your closet piece by piece, receive a full hair and makeup transformation, and gain access to ongoing style support tools to keep you on the right track moving forward.

*This life-changing experience takes place in our intimate styling studio in KCMO, but don't let distance stop you—we've welcomed women from across the country (and Canada too!) to be our guests.

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Style 101: the Experiment

Answer the question "What looks good on me?" Find the style that's natural to you and discover, once and for all, what truly makes you shine. You’ll see and feel why authenticity is the key. Prepare for your appointment by choosing from your closet 3 things you wear all the time, 3 things you have never worn or worn only once, and 3 things you want to wear but don’t.

Format: 1-2 hours, virtual appointment


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Closet Coaching

Answer the question "What do I have and what do I need?" Learn specific techniques to clear the clutter and identify gaps in your wardrobe. Your stylist will guide you piece by piece and draw your attention toward what works and what doesn't. You'll be amazed to see your true style emerge as you clear through what no longer serves you.

Format: 1-2 hours, virtual appointment


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Style Coaching

Discussion. Direction. Styling and shopping strategy.

Work one-on-one with a stylist who gets you to find a look that suits who you are NOW.

Find your style, learn to shop, and get expert advice in your own closet.

Want to know more? Book a free virtual initial consultation.

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Find your personal style in 6 weeks. Learn to express your true style and the confidence that comes with it in Ladybird's signature online course, The Style Reset. Created to reach women who can't join us in person, this program is all about finding your AUTHENTIC personal style and keeping it going for life.

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E-Gift Cards

Give the gift of great style. Customizable amounts that can be used towards anything Ladybird.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We live for happy, healthy and fully embodied women.

These are results you can see.

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When I go shopping with friends, they wander around looking at everything and not knowing what to buy. Since the experiment, I know exactly what to look for. I can walk right past all of the wrong things. I save time and know that I will wear everything I buy. It makes me feel free.

Rhonda P.


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My appointment helped me to reclaim who I am with my wardrobe and subsequently who I am in my life. Especially during this time of change, it is so fascinating to me how much our closet and home has such a monumental effect on how our mind and emotions move. Thank you.

Cara P.

Health and Beauty Consultant

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Working with Ladybird has completely changed my outlook on clothes. With their help, I’ve been able to define my personal style and dress with more consistency, style, and confidence. Dressing is no longer a chore! My wardrobe has become much more cohesive and versatile, making dressing fun!

Sarah L.


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Knowing my corner takes all the guesswork out of shopping. I needed someone to help me get rid of things in my closet that don’t work. Now, everything mixes and matches which makes life WAY easier. My style is now streamlined and focused.

Emily J.


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Are you feeling Stuck?

Learn how you can experience a whole new feeling when you walk in your closet. Ladybird has the tools you need to un-stick your style and start living as the beautiful, unique, and vibrant person that you are.

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