Client Reviews

Changing your style can change a lot more than just your appearance.

It can change your life.

Kristen N.


Sarah B.


Amy H.

Marketing Director

When I go shopping with friends, they wander around looking at everything and not knowing what to buy. Since the experiment, I know exactly what to look for. I can walk right past all of the wrong things. I save time and know that I will wear everything I buy. It makes me feel free.

Rhonda P.


Knowing my corner takes all the guesswork out of shopping. I needed someone to help me get rid of things in my closet that don’t work. Now, everything mixes and matches which makes life WAY easier. My style is now streamlined and focused.

Emily J.


Leah J.


Lauren P.


Leigh Q.

philanthropy program officer

Ladybird taught me to be confident in my own skin and bold about choosing the clothes and colors that make me happy! I always leave Ladybird feeling confident and stylish, and proud to be part of the sisterhood!

Sarah y.

digital marketer

Working with Ladybird has completely changed my outlook on clothes. With their help, I’ve been able to define my personal style and dress with more consistency, style, and confidence. Dressing is no longer a chore! My wardrobe has become much more cohesive and versatile, making dressing fun!

Sarah L.


My appointment helped me to reclaim who I am with my wardrobe and subsequently who I am in my life. Especially during this time of change, it is so fascinating to me how much our closet and home has such a monumental effect on how our mind and emotions move. Thank you.

Cara P.

Health and Beauty Consultant

Are you feeling Stuck?

Learn how you can experience a whole new feeling when you walk in your closet. Ladybird has the tools you need to un-stick your style and start living as the beautiful, unique, and vibrant person that you are.

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